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PET offers advice to organizations and individuals that are particularly threatened, vulnerable or vital to Danish society, including:
- Ministries and agencies within the Danish Realm 
- Specific business areas and sectors, e.g. technology and research
- Owners and operators of Danish critical infrastructure
- Particularly threatened individuals, for example politicians and members of the Royal Family
- Danish embassies, consulates etc.

PET courses

Is there a need within your organization to better understand the threat from espionage and terrorism and to increase security? Then PET's courses may be relevant to you. PET offers a range of both in-person and online courses.

PET courses.



PET arranges briefings adjusted to the current threat assessment and the recipient group. Briefings can also be used to focus on
- Information security
- Travel security
- How to handle visitors
- Hiring and firing
- International cooperation
- Security culture

The briefings typically last one to two hours, but it is possible to adjust them as required.


Tailored advice

If there is a specific need, for example in connection with a threat assessment or an operation, PET offers advice directly to the concerned parties. This may be a single meeting or an extended process.


Networks and dialogue groups

PET has a number of networks that contribute towards boosting the resilience of Danish society against the threat from espionage and terrorism. The members of these groups are key representatives from various interest groups, authorities and universities. The networks help spread PET's advisory messages and offers to the sectors most influenced by the threat.


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